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You have reached the site for everything Rockfish! I provide information about release techniques for unwanted catch and research showing high survival after release to depth [Click on the menu links at the top!]


Rosy rockfish with exophthalmia (top-down view). Copyright Bonnie Rogers 2011.


January 2019: From KTOO Public Media, “Alaska Made: A new rule makes this easy-to-build gadget a required kit for the tackle box.”

January 2019: New music video about ROCKFISH RECOMPRESSION! Performed by the RatfishWranglers.com.

July 2017: Alaska deep-release of rockfish. From KCAW radio.

December 2016: Fish descending devices Part II . From Curry Coastal Pilot news.

August 2016: Soldotna man’s invention helps ensure released rockfish survive.. From Alaska Dispatch news.

August 2015: Releasing a caught rockfish can save its life. From The Log boating news.

January 2015: How Anglers Are Learning To Save Fish That Get The Bends. From NPR.

December 2013: Rockfish Season has been rockin’. From The Sportfishing Conservancy, Los Angeles.

September 2013: What barotrauma is, why its bad, and how to stop it. From KPCC 89.3, Los Angeles, by Dr. Milton Love.

February 2013: LEARN ABOUT BAROTRAUMA FROM A ROCKFISH PUPPET: Is Barotrauma Keeping You Up? Try getting down with recompression! Brought to you by the Rockfish Recompression Nerds of Southern California on YouTube.com.

June 2012: RokLees educates fishers at Squidco’s Annual Fathers Day Event in San Diego. From RokLees.wordpress.com.

May 2012: NOAA’s recreational fishing program, FishSmart, holds fish release conference in Portland, Oregon, May 7-8. EcoLeeser and SeaQualizer plan to join.

March 2012: Alaska Board of Fisheries Takes Action on Rockfish Proposals. . . Hopefully California, Oregon, and Washington can follow suit.

February 2012: Charters, longliners reach rockfish compromise. Guided fishermen will have to return deep-water rockfish to a safe depth.

February 2012: Fred Hall Fishing Show coming to Long Beach (March 7-11) and San Diego (March 22-25). Go chat with National Marine Fisheries Service and Ecoleeser.

February 2012: NMFS Northeast Fisheries Science Center Status of Cusk Fishery and Barotrauma. Gulf of Maine Research Institute (I presented at this workshop)

December 2011: Smart Gear competition runner up: The SeaQualizer. WWF

September 2011: Relieving Barotrauma Problems in Deepwater Rockfish by Carrie Wilson.

July 2011: ‘Let’s Talk Hook-Up Radio on 1090 AM’: NOAA Fisheries on recreational fishing status with Marty Golden, Charles Villafana, and Craig Heberer.

Dec 2010:  Can Rockfish See After Experiencing Pop-eye? by Bonnie Rogers

Aug 2009:  Bringing Fish From Ocean Floor: Carefully Released Rockfish Can Survive Barotrauma

July 2009:  Carefully Released Rockfish Can Survive Barotrauma Science Daily, Dr. Alena Pribyl

March 2009:  Captain’s Log ‘Fish Elevator’ Gets Rockfish Back Where They Belong6

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